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Presentation Checklist

Open Presentation Checklist©    

Consult this checklist before your presentation.
The tips and tricks you get will facilitate a relaxed and inspiring presentation.
Stay the director of your own performance.

This Checklist was published in the book:
Present Yourself with Power, dare to shine, by Pauline van Aken, ISBN: 978-90-816830-4-3

Presentation Generator©

Open Presentation Generator©   

Quickly compose a sparkling presentation anywhere with the Presentation Generator,
an effective tool and easy to use.

The Presentation Generator structures the content of your presentation.
It makes you aware of your objective, the key message(s) and intention of your presentation.
The Head, Body, Tail method in this Presentation Generator makes your presentation personal,
inspiring, and understandable.

Have a look at the screenshots to get an impression of its easy userinterface.

Presentation Game©

Open Presentation Game© 

The Presentation Game is a playful way to learn how to give an inspiring and relaxed presentation.
The game takes you out of your comfort zones and improves your skills.
Every step you take, is a step forward in your personal development.

To Present = dare to perform

You can play the Presentation Game with colleagues or friends.
You will get to know each other better, you will inspire each other and challenge each other to perform better presentations.


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